Research Map

I am Professor of Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence with the Department of Sustainable Design Engineering of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering (IDE); and part-time professor with the Department of Software Technology of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (EEMCS)of Delft University of Technology. As of November 2020, I serve as Head of the Department of Sustainable Design Engineering.

My research lies at the intersection of human-computer interaction, human computation, user modelling, and machine learning. I am interested in developing methods and tools that support the design, development, control, and operation of AI-enabled systems that are well-situated around actual human characteristics, values, intentions, and behaviours. By investigating the relationship between the science and practice of design, and the digital technology that fuels intelligent products, services, and systems, my team and I study and build novel Human-Centred Artificial Intelligence methods and tools that combine the cognitive and reasoning abilities of (groups of) individuals, with the computational powers of machines, and insights from large amount of heterogeneous data.

My work has been supported through funding from TU Delft, AMS, 4TU, NWO, NWA, SurfSara, H2020, EIT Digital, IBM, KPN, Cognizant, and Telecom Italia.