About Me


I am Associate Professor in Crowd Computing with the Department of Software Technology of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science (EEMCS) of Delft University of Technology.

I lead the Urban Data Science team at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions, where I am also Principal Investigator in Urban Data and Intelligence.

I am an active member of the Delft Data Science initiative, where I am actively involved in activities pertaining to the Social Data Science work line.
I am an active member of the Leiden-Delft-Erasmus BOLD (Big, Open and Linked Data) Cities initiative.


I was awarded my PhD by Politecnico di Milano in April 2009, with a thesis focused on model driven approaches for the design, development and automatic code generation of Search Based Applications. During my doctoral studies, I have been a visiting researcher at the L3S Research Centre (Hannover, Germany, 2007), and at FAST Search & Transfer – now Microsoft Development Centre Norway (Oslo, Norway, 2008).

I joined the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, Mathematics, and Computer Science of Delft University of Technology in February 2013 as an Assistant Professor. I obtained my tenure in 2017, and I have been promoted Associate Professor in 2018.

Since 2015, I serve in the EEMCS Computer Science and Embedded Systems Board of Examiners.

Since 2014, I hold a Faculty Fellow position with the IBM Benelux CAS, where I am Principal Investigator of Enterprise Crowd Computing.

Between 2016 and 2017 I held a Research Fellow position at the Amsterdam Institute for Advanced Metropolitan Solutions (AMS).

Since 2017 I lead the Urban Data Science team, and I serve as member of the AMS Institute management team.

In 2018 I have been appointed Principal Investigator of Urban Data and Intelligence.


I have published 15 peer-reviewed articles in peer-reviewed international journals (VLDBJ, ACM TWEB, IEEE IC, IEEE Access, Semantic Web Journal), more than 100 conference papers in international conferences (WWW/TheWebConference, HCOMP, ESWC, ISWC, AAAI, IJCAI, CSCW, RecSys, Hypertext, WebScience, UMPA, ICWE), and several editorial contributions. I am co-author of the book Web Information Retrieval (Springer, 2013). I am co-inventor of the US patent Method and system of management of queries for crowd searching (US 8825701 B2, 2015).

A complete list of my publications and more bibliometric informations are available in the Publications section of my website, in my DBLP profile, in my Google Scholar profile, or in my Scopus profile.


I am involved in research activities sponsored by local, national, and European funding bodies. I have acquired more than 3.2M€ in research funding, specifically:

  • ≈1M€ from European programs (H2020, EIT Digital, JPI)
  • ≈1M€ cash and in-kind contribution from industry (IBM, Cognizant, KPN, Telecom Italia)
  • ≈450K€ from Dutch funding bodies (NWA, NWO, 4TU, SurfSara)
  • ≈750K€ from institutional funding (AMS, TU Delft, EEMCS)
  • ≈15K€ for innovation in education activities.

I received the 2017 IBM Faculty Award for my work on Enterprise Crowd Computing. I coordinate the Urban Data Science program of AMS, and the activities of the EEMCS Social Data Lab.

My projects portfolio includes projects with a total budget of more than 8M€. The funding has been mainly used to build and maintain my research team.

Research Community Service

I am member of the Steering Committee of the International Conference of Web Engineering (ICWE) conference series.

I have been Program Chair for the 15th International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies (WEBIST 2019), the 16th International Conference of Web Engineering (ICWE 2016), and the 2015 Australasian Web Conference (AWC 2015) in Sydney. I have been program chair of 10 workshops (CitRec2017, KDWeb 2017/2016/2015, CrowdUI2014, SoHuman2014, OrdRing 2011, DataView2011 and 2010).

I served as area/track chair and senior PC member for several conferences (WWW/TheWebConference 2018, HCOMP 2018, UMAP 2016, ICWE 2017). I regourarly serve as PC member of several top-tier conferences, such as WWW/TheWebConference, HCOMP, WSDM, WebSci, SIGKDD, AAAI, IJCAI, ACM MM, ICWE, ESWC, ISWC, CSCW, CHI.

I served as co-editor for a special issue of the Semantic Web Journal on Human Computation and Crowdsourcing. I provide review service for several top-tier international journals and transactions (e.g. TWEB, Internet Computing, VLDBJ, TOSEM, TIST, TiiS, SIGMOD Record, JWE).


My work found several recognition in national and international media, including: the Wall Street Journal, Het Parool, De Ingenieur, NRC, AD, Telegraph, NOS, Trouw.

My work on social data science has been recognised as a 2015 TU Delft highlight.

I have been invited speakers at the symposiums of the 174th TU Delft Dies Natalis and for the 176th TU Delft Dies Natalis.